Christian Fuscarino

Mused: ‘Dear Us’ – An Open Letter From (And To) Privileged White Gays

Cut the crap. Before you clench your teeth (or your pearls) and run to your Facebook wall to exclaim that we’re self-hating, listen to us please! One of us is white and the other Latino. Both of us have white privilege, albeit through complicated lenses, we are well aware of that privilege. So, listen to us because after so many letters from people of color explaining to you how oppressive, insulting, and ignorant you might be there still seems to be something in your mind that is telling you that you’re right and they’re wrong. As two gay men who look like you and have a similar enough world experience to you: stop it. As gay men with white privilege, we want to explain to you how oppressive and embarrassing you are. And this could apply to any of you that are non-heterosexual white men, so listen up.

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